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010798:Big Foil Stamping Machine
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Multifunction Heavy Duty Hot Foil Stamping machine

Multifunction TJ-368 Heavy Duty Hot Stamping Machine

This heavy duty hot foil stamping machine has a Max. Pressure of 3 tons, it is easy to operate and well performance, it is equipped with automatic constant temperature control, automatic counting and stroke setting.

It is widely used for hot stamping of decorative designs, patterns, characters, and combined trademarks on paper, leather, plastic cements, hard rubber, PVC soft rubber, woodenware, bamboo article, photo, cloth and artwork. It can meet the integrated need of hot stamping , embossing and increasing, it is ideal choice for package and printing industry.

Main Features

  • Big pressure, Max. output pressure up to 3 tons

  • With multi-function Foil stamping, Embossing, Heat transfer, Sear, Mold cutting.

  • Adjustable height of heat plate, suit for different printing substrate thickness from 0-50mm.

  • Using eccentric cam mechanism and two-step orthogonal force amplification mechanism of linkage, when giving the handle a small force, the press can obtain a very big output force, save effort .

  • Lock handle setting, when the handle been press with a suitable pressure, it will be lock in this position, you don't need to keep pressing the handle constantly.

  • Automatic constant temperature control, automatic counting and stroke setting.

  • Reasonable design, fine structure.

  • Easy to operate and well performance.

Operation way: Manual Input voltage:110V
Temperature control: 1-300℃ Max stamping area: 310x210MM
Worktable area: 360x310MM Max stamping pressure: 3T
Max stamping thickness: 50MM Power: 1000W
Machine size: 21"x25"x27.5"(530x640x700MM) Package dimensions: 28"x28"x37"(720x720x940MM)

Net weight: 352Lb(160kg) 

Shipping weight: 374lb(170kg)

Package way: wooden case

Pressure regulation:

Deeper embossing on stamping item indicates that the pressure is too high, and shallower embossing or incomplete stamping indicates that the pressure is too low.

Adjust the nut (21) clockwise to reduce the pressure; and adjust the nut counterclockwise to increase the pressure. Remember to screw locknut (22) tightly to prevent displacement during working hour.

Lower pressure is required for the stamping piece with smooth surface, and higher pressure is required for the stamping piece with rough surface.


Temperature controller:

The temperature of the machine is controlled by the automatic thermostat. After the machine is switched on, regulate to the required temperature. The heating part needs preheating for about 15 minutes. When the red light on the temperature controller extinguishes for the first time, the work may begin.

If the temperature is much too high, the coloring of the lines edge will cross the border even to become vague. If the temperature isn’t high enough, there appears uneven coloring.

Different types of pressed pieces require different temperatures. Bump Patterns will be pressed on the leather and PVC flexible rubber by using relative thick hot stamping plate (such as magnesium plate, copperplate) with high-temperature and high-pressure. To press the leather, the much higher-pressure hot stamping press should be selected to achieve the desired effect.

The hot stamping temperature of most of the copies ranges between 80 ° C—200 ° C. The following chart is for reference:

Setting Temperature(approx.)

110℃--150℃ 80℃--130℃ 180℃--250℃
Suitable hot stamping objects Leather /PVC flexible rubber  Paper Plastic/polystyrene/wood, etc



5 main functions for this machine: Foil stamping,  Embossing,  Heat transfer,  Sear ,  Mold cutting.
1. Foil Stamping

The widely application of this machine is foil stamping, it is mainly applied in greeting card printing, business card printing, book cover printing, packaging case, pencils foils stamping. the foil printing image is great decor for these items. foils stamping is become a tendency in our life.
2. Embossing

The another main function of this machine is embossing,  the big pressure of 3 tons allow you impress a clear design on wood, paper, leather, and PVC card with a letterpress Die. it is popular decor the napkin, leather bag, waistband and book case.


3. Heat Transfer

This machine equal to a heat press machine, A4 size printing size and A3 size printing table is suitable for the t-shirt heat transfer. we will equip a silicone pad with this machine. you can DIY your t-shirt with Vinyl and heat transfer paper, that is fast and easy!

4. Sear brand

This machine can be used to sear on wood, you just need a Copper Die with this machine, and heat the temperature to 200℃-250℃, then you can stamp on the wood. It is mainly applied in packaging, such as wine wooden box,  jewelry box......


5. Mold cutting

Mold cutting is a easy work for this machine, with the Cutter DIE you can DIY pattern, this is mainly applied in greeting card cutting, package mold, cardboard cutting for package, wall sticker pattern cutting......




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