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017305:Pneumatic marking machine 1711 110v 100lb 44kg
C $989.00

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Pneumatic Marking Machine
Please search dogtag on ebay,you will find it is hot selling,and the most popular are those that are engraved by mechanical machine.Now this is the right machine for you.
Industrial pneumatic marking machine is a kind of mechanical and electronic integration equipment for metal marking,it incorporates computer technology,electronic technology,and precision technology,can be used to mark code,serial number,letter,logo,or other design on various product.
Don't be suitable for Mac
Marking size: 6.7"*4.3"(17cm*11cm)
The marking speed:Line speed 50mm/s
The marking depth:0-2mm(according to the material)
Max item height:32cm
Marking type:ThorX6
Air pressure:0.2-0.5MPa
Control Software:ThorX6 Control Systerm
Operating system:Windows xp/7/8/10 32bit 64bit
Machine dimension:13.4"*16.5"*25.2"(34*42*64cm)
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Questions And Answers
1-i need to know the smallest heigth of character (millimeters)
Depending on the material,
Aluminum and copper are soft, with a minimum character of about 2mm(height).
High hardness of stainless steel, the minimum character is about 1mm(height)
2-"I need to know the material of the base and the hardness of it, because in case i buy it, i will have to make a hole in the base (60mm) so i can mark larger items."
The material used for the 1711 base is: cast iron
The material used in 2030 is: steel plate
These two bases are free to open hole in the surface.

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