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130114:Industrial Water Chiller for CNC/ Laser Engraver cw3000
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Industrial Water Chiller For CNC/Laser Engraver
The main function of is water cycle,if you want refrigeration and cooling,we recommend #130058
CW-3000 Series is professional cooling machine referring to international,advanced thermolysis cooling system design, suitable for small water-cooled cooling devices requested machinery.
1. Specific disconnection alarm security protection.
2. Hermetic type water tank, water is available for a long time used.
3. Real-time temperature monitoring, accurate knowledge of heating devices working condition.
4. Professional air-cooled forced radiator with strong heat dissipating capacity and difficult to be blocked up.
5. Equipped with alarm output port to protect sensitive components quickly.
6. High cost performance, low failure rate.
Voltage AC100-120V
Frequence 50/60HZ
Current 0.9A
Cooling 50W/℃
Capacity 9L
Inlet and outlet hold Outside dimensions 10mm brass connector
Max .Lift 10M
Max.Flow 10L/min
Protection Flow alarm
N.W 9.5Kg
G.W 12Kg
Dimensions 47*27*37cm (L*W*H)
59*39*48cm (L*W*H)
1. It is strictly forbidden to plug and run the cooler without feeding water.
2. Cooler should be placed in a well-ventilated, dry environment place and away from heat sources. Please keep at least 30cm from obstructions to the air outlet which is in the back of the cooler, and should leave at least 10cm between obstructions and air inlets of two sides. 3. The cooling water must be drained if the cooler is out of use for long time or before being transported.
4. To protect laser tubes , the radiator fan of cooler will suspend to work when water temperature is lower (about 10℃) , and it will restart to run when water temperature rises to higher (about 20℃).
The first Installation It is very simple to install this industrial cooling machine. The first time installation of the new machine can be carried out by following steps.
1. Open the package to check if the machine is intact and all the necessary accessories are completed.
2. Open the injection port, then add cooling water.
3. According to system conditions, connect the water inlet and outlet pipe well.
4. Plug in power, turn on the power switch. (Do not allow the water overflow)
5. Check the water level of the water tank again. (It should be 80-150cm from the surface of water to the injection port)
1. To ensure good heat dissipating, please open the lid to clean the dirt after the cooler used in long-term.
2. Working in cold north area, it is better to use noncorrosive antifreeze fluid.
Can be used for 40W / 50W /60W laser machine
Question and Answer:
Question:I installed water cooler attached to laser But there is a alarm noise....
1-Cold water machine filled with water.
( Pure water ,unadulterated water)
2-Connect the laser machine, inlet pipe and outlet pipe.
Don't wrong position!!!(Connection error will not be laser)
3-Turn on chiller power(110V),Chiller begins work,
You will find that the water level in the chiller has dropped,
When the water level drops to a certain position The chiller will alarm, this is the need to add water,
Because the water flows into the laser tube,
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