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160133:LT-150 Automatic Desktop Conveyor Round Bottle High Speed Labeling Machine
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110V LT-150 Automatic Desktop Conveyor Round

Bottle High Speed Labeling Machine

   The machine is beautiful, smart, and has a high qualification rate. It is suitable for labeling  in cosmetics, beverages, medicine, food, general merchandise and other industries.
The design of the machine is novel and unique, and the operation and adjustment are very convenient. The operator only needs to place the bottle on the conveyor belt,when the bottle moves forward, the cursor will automatically label and mark the bottle after detecting it.
It can be used for both stand-alone production and online production.

Product parameter:
Voltage: 110V/60Hz
Material: The surface is stainless steel
Conveyor width: 5.9in(15cm)
Conveyor belt length: 45.86IN(116.5CM)
Label inner diameter: 2.99in(7.6cm)
Label outer diameter: 9.8in(25cm)
Label out: Left bid

Output speed:

20-200PCS/min (Depending on the bottle size and label length)

Suitable bottle diameter: 1.57-3.9in(4-10cm)
Label height: 0.59-5.9in(1.5-15cm)
Label length: 0.98-11.8in(2.5-30cm)


Package: Export wooden case



Product analysis:





1. Intelligent control panel

2. power switch

3. Start key

4. Emergency stop switch

5. Spoke speed control knob

6. Transmission speed control knob

7. Label sensor

8. Conveyor belt motor

9. Conveyor belt

10. Wheel auxiliary pressure plate

11. Wheel auxiliary belt

12. Wheel auxiliary lifting hand wheel

13. Labeled assembly lifting hand wheel

14. Wheel auxiliary pressure plate lifting hand wheel

15. Receiving drum

16. Guardrail

17. Guardrail adjusting knob

18. Front and rear adjusting hand wheel of wheel auxiliary pressing plate





Product safety precautions:
To ensure safe production, please read the following precautions carefully:

1. Use the power supply that meets the requirements of the machine.

2. After turning off the power switch, there is still voltage in some circuits in the electrical control of the machine. When servicing the control circuit, be sure to unplug the power cord.

3. Do not touch the print grain holder with your hands during work to prevent scalding and pay attention to personal safety.

4. When the machine has problems, press the emergency stop button directly to suspend all work.
Package Include (160133):



1. The machine is efficient and convenient to use;

2. The machine automatically labels, saving manpower and material resources;

3. This machine has wide applicability and stable performance;

4. This machine is equipped with intelligent touch control screen, which is more convenient to set data parameters;

5. This machine can meet the requirements of full-circle labeling or semi-circle labeling of round bottles. The labeling switching between bottles is simple, and the labeling is flat without wrinkles to improve the packaging quality.

6.This machine can be used with capping machine and bottle sorting machine.

7.The components of each adjustment position are precisely matched, and the height, width and width of the components can be easily adjusted without the use of professional tools. The machine operation is simple and simple.


Product display:
Item include:LT-150 Automatic Desktop Conveyor Round Bottle High Speed Labeling Machine*1


Item Number: 160133

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