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160441:New 110V 100-1000ml Paste Liquid Heating Filling Machine
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110V 1000ml Paste liquid Heating Filling Machine

   The semi-automatic piston filling machine produced by our company has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, high precision, convenient cleaning and simple operation. The contact area with the material is made of 304 stainless steel, in line with GMP requirements. The sealing parts are made of PTFE and silica gel. They have the advantages of corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, good sealing and so on. They are ideal filling equipment for food, pharmaceutical, chemical, daily chemical, petroleum, pesticide and other industries.

  This machine has two methods, foot switch filling and continuous automatic filling; the two filling methods can be switched arbitrarily. It is recommended to use the foot switch for filling at the beginning.

1.This product is suitable for all kinds of sauces, pastes, oils and liquids with tiny particles. It can help you fill the product well.

2.The filling volume range is between 100ml - 1000ml. And the machine should connect air compressor for working. First time when you use the machine , you should weigh the weight of output by adjusting and make sure the volume you want.

3.This series of models need to be equipped with external air compressor, air compressor exhaust should not be less than 0.1m3/min, equipped with pressure should be able to adjust to 0.4-0.9Mpa range.

(Note1:We only sell machines, do not match air compressors, customers need to buy their own.)

(Note2: If you are not sure whether the material can be filled with this machine, please consult before placing an order)


Product parameter:
Voltage: 110V/60Hz
Material: The surface is stainless steel
Filling volume (ml): 100-1000ml
Filling accuracy (FS) ±0.5%
Production capacity (cycle/min): 1-25
Product size(Exterior sizes): 38.97"x11"x32.87" (99x28x83.5cm)
Machine body: 38.97"x11"(99x28)
Applicable pressure (Mpa): 0.4-0.9



The barometer and the air inlet, the air inlet is connected with the air compressor, easy to operate, stable.

Magnetic switch, the use of hand wheel rotation to adjust the filling amount, easy to operate.

Adjust the rocker

filling precision

Hand handle, you can adjust the amount of filling, easy to operate.

Emergency stop switch

Emergency stop button can stop machine action immediately.

Discharge assembly, drip proof design

Filling nozzle, made of stainless steel, accurate filling without plugging, removable easy to clean and maintain.

High quality cylinder

This machine is equipped with high-quality air cylinder, which can change the filling speed by adjusting the inlet and outlet flow through the regulating valve. Detachable clasp, one button cleaning, no screws. Easy to clean, save time and effort.
High quality piston, PTFE piston, wear resistance, good sealing, durable. This machine is equipped with heating rods to achieve heating and insulation functions.

This machine is equipped with a heating controller to achieve the heating function.
(Refer to the right ring regulating valve and left ring regulating valve in the figure above)

Adjust the speed of the cylinder moving piston rod:
The end near the moving rod (away from the handwheel) is the outlet control valve (Adjust the speed of the cylinder moving rod to push out the material);
The end away from the moving rod (near the handwheel) is the intake control valve (Adjust the speed of cylinder moving rod recovery).

Clockwise downward, the discharge speed becomes slower;
Counterclockwise upward, the discharge speed becomes faster.


Product analysis:
Product safety precautions:

To ensure safe production, please read the following precautions carefully:
1. Use a power supply and air source that conforms to the requirements of this machine . The stability of the air source must be maintained under continuous working conditions.
2. Before disassembling, washing or repairing this machine, please be sure to turn off the air source and power supply first.
3. The rear half of the machine (near the control buttons) and the lower part of the machine frame are equipped with electrical control components. Under no circumstances should the body be washed directly with water, otherwise there will be danger of electric shock and damage to the electrical control components.
4. After the power switch is turned off, there is still voltage in some circuits in the electrical control of this machine. When repairing the control circuit, please be sure to unplug the power cord.
5. Do not keep your eyes close to the filling head during work, pay attention to personal safety.
6. Do not put your hand on the central axis of the cylinder during the work process, pay attention to pinching your hands.
7. Before using materials for filling, it is best to clean the machine with detergent first, and then clean it with clean water, so as to avoid oil stains or foreign materials and materials mixing, which will lead to waste of materials and damage to the machine.




1. 304 stainless steel double layer thickened hopper for more convenient filling.

2. One click operation, convenient and simple.

3. This machine is equipped with a heating function that can provide insulation for materials.

4. Adopting a diameter head, the granular material will not block.

5. Imported motor, durable and powerful.

6. Imported pumps can be customized with filling models based on volume.

7.Heating all kinds of cream,liquid,sauce.

This type of hopper is a heating and insulation hopper. If customers use water as a medium for heating and insulation, there will be a certain amount of heat loss through heating with a heating rod and external environmental factors, and the maximum temperature can reach around 90 degrees Celsius;

If customers want to reach a higher temperature, they can apply a medium with a higher boiling point for heating and insulation (such as heat transfer oil). Through heating with a heating rod and external environmental factors, there will be a certain amount of heat loss, with a maximum temperature of around 118 degrees Celsius;

Customers can also heat the material externally and pour it into the hopper, which provides excellent insulation to ensure that the material does not solidify during the filling process;


Our heating temperature controller itself has no limit on the adjustable range, but when applied to the hopper, the adjustable range is 0-118 degrees Celsius (different media have different maximum temperatures)!

9.The temperature is controllable


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Item include:110V 1000ml Paste liquid Heating Filling Machine*1
Item Number: 160441

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