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181036:1000Pcs 44MM Laminated Plastic Foil Bottle Cap Liners
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1000Pcs 44MM Laminated Plastic Foil Bottle Cap Liners

Hot melt adhesive gasket laminated foil suitable for PE, PP, PS, PET and glass bottles and other containers sealing material, with anti-theft, anti-counterfeiting, moisture-proof (anti-leakage), to extend the shelf life of the product.
The foil cardboard gaskets embedded in the cap, so that the exposed aluminum foil, and then tighten the bottle mouth. By electromagnetic induction sealing machine induction heating, the adhesive between the aluminum foil and cardboard lose paste, auto separation: and bonded aluminum foil and bottles that melt into one to form a reliable seal.

Applications: used in all types of cans, tubes, bowls, etc. (except metal containers), widely used in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, pesticides and other industries.


Actual diameter: 44mm

Perfect suit for our electromagnetic induction sealing machine.

Item Included:

1,000Pcs 44MM Laminated Plastic Foil Bottle Cap Liners (181036)


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