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188003:Fertilizer Injector
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                             Chemilizer Fertilizer Injector
Dozer is a pressure water flow for power, pressure loss is small, without the need for any other power facility, water power the dozer for engine, drive the piston and connecting rod dosing device, the liquid additive direct inhalation and dissolved in water. This device motion in a cylinder, the pressure to go out at the same time, the device will be installed at the bottom of the additive in the container through the catheter into the flow in uniform. Moving up and down repeatedly, so as to achieve the additive in a homogeneously continuously added to the water flow effect.
                       Flow Range        20-2500L/Hour
      Water Temperature        4℃-30℃
                       Working pressure         0.2-5KG
                       Caliber         1 Inch
Note: the use of automatic dosing device to ensure that the container for containing liquid additive is not empty!

2.vent valve: at the start of the doser originally, should hold the valve down a few seconds, discharge the inside the air,

this process will be a little water, in the exhaust air, quickly close the bleeder valve.

Item Number:188003

Chemilizer Fertilizer Injector Proportioner

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